About Catalyst Global

Catalyst Global are the originators of corporate team building. The world's leading designer of business games with a portfolio of 140 proven programs. In 2018, 3764 Catalyst Global team building products were run world wide with over a quarter of a million participants! What has lead to our success?

Our research shows that companies worldwide are seeking ways to increase employee engagement and motivation. They acknowledge that staff need to adopt well-being strategies and have daily timeout to be mindful and de-stress. To be successful they must enhance fundamental teamwork skills like communication, collaboration and creative thinking.

Innovative Product Development

At Catalyst Global we create innovative, creative team building products through extensive research and development. We have a keen interest in current trends in motivational psychology and pay close attention to proven techniques for creating real change in corporations and apply this science to the development of our games. We constantly explore how we can utilise technology in the creation of our products. With an ever growing product portfolio supported by some of the longest standing, tried and tested team building products, we are proud of our extensive range of clients who regularly turn to Catalyst to enhance the dynamics of their teams.

Extensive experience, field testing and modification

Catalyst Global development team benefits enormously from the Catalyst Team Building Network partners. Our team building programs are dynamic. We welcome and encourage feedback from our partners on new ways to sell and deliver our programs and ways in which to adjust them to match cultural and other regionally relevant aspects. So when you are booking a Catalyst team building program anywhere in the world you know that you are purchasing an original product which includes intricate details that cannot be found in cut-price imitations.

Consistent high standards in product & delivery worldwide

At Catalyst Global we highly value the quality of our products and the professional manner in which they are sold and delivered to meet the unique needs of each client. Catalyst Global runs comprehensive, on-going training programs for its network partners to ensure excellence in the sale and delivery of Catalyst team building programs is maintained. The Catalyst Team Building Network partners share knowledge and best practice daily on an internal forum and, meet annually at regional and global conferences for face-to-face meetings.

Global Product Delivery

The Catalyst Team Building Network is now the largest in the world. With representatives in over 90 countries worldwide Catalyst has local knowledge and expertise in your region. So, whether you require a series of events across several regions, or a single event anywhere in the world, Catalyst team building can deliver it for you. Catalyst understands the needs of multinational organisations, delivering consistent programs across the world and with worldwide distribution offices, equipment and personnel, Catalyst can ensure products are delivered at a competitive price without compromising on standard.

Catalyst Team Buildingthe Catalyst for lasting change in organisations worldwide