City Build

Teams construct a giant model city

2 - 3 hours
40 - Unlimited


in City Build teams design a section of a model city. The city has zones such as industrial, residential, leisure and business district and interconnecting infrastructure features like roads, rail and waterways. The team work on their own section but ensure they collaborate with other teams for a big picture approach ensuring there is uniformity of design across the zones and that transportation networks flow coherently with the other teams’ sections next to theirs and in the city as a whole. Using a wide range of materials, they build an imaginative and creative city that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. When the time is up, teams join the sections of the city together and celebrate their success in working towards a common goal.

Learning Outcomes

Teams work to develop a common vision and a shared strategy which they put into place applying creativity and excellent project management skills. Planning and strategy through effective cross team communication and collaboration are essential to ensure the zones of the city interconnect and flow. Creativity within a structured design framework ensures the city is functional, practical and beautiful. Resource and time management are also essential to completing the project on time. City Build is a fun, memorable, shared experience that relies on engagement from all individuals, good team dynamics and collaboration across the whole group to ensure success.

Related Testimonial

The City Build exercise went very well. Great experience to be shared with your team work, fun, constructive and useful as tool of bringing people together.

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